Harsha & Durgesh : The Pre Wedding Story

Prewedding : A day out with Harsha and Durgesh

I recently did this Pre Wedding shoot in Bangalore.

Meet the lovebirds- Durgesh and Harsha. Both hail from Rajasthan residing in Bangalore for few years, Durgesh is a Techie and the owner of a chain of food points in Bangalore. As both of them were pressed for time we had a day to do everything. By "everything" I mean travel to three locations which are far apart in Bangalore(!), change outfits, do makeup, figure out where to shoot once we get to the locations, make pictures and last but not the least shoot Video! Any decent hybrid shooter(one who does photography along with cinematography) should take thrice the amount of time he takes to shoot photo alone. But we had to pull it off somehow, and I do think we did a great job. Harsha loved these!

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