How “Candid” your Wedding Photography can be?

Indian Wedding Photography scene has seen some drastic changes over the past few years. From people shooting videos on their DSLRs and calling it "Wedding cinematography" to a plethora of emerging "candid wedding photographers". Its 2017, and I hope you are aware of the term. But there is a possibility that your perception of candid wedding photography is rather skewed.I personally hate the term but end up using it now and often as the clients mostly refer to it. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to redefine anyone's terminology of wedding photography, hence ,wrote this post.The most popular misconception is that it means strategically posed filmy images like these...

I took these at  a wedding in Delhi when the candid photographers were busy directing them. If you want to see how I covered it click here.I personally hate these kind of pictures and  the whole idea of making the couple pose in these ridiculous ways. Candid generally means casual, and its the last thing you want your wedding photographer to be on you big day. To be honest I rather find it more challenging to ask a couple to do a pose and make it look good. So, what should you do? whom should you hire for your Big day?. If you like the pictures above or a similar style then there should not be any problem. A majority of the candid wedding photographers do the same. I'll rather call my style "documentary". Making a picture while someone is looking away is too easy, anyone can do that. But the things that make an image timeless are the emotions, expressions and the drama that is captured under the perfect lighting and timing. I am not against posed photography at all, it is essential! But i am really tired to see these ridiculous images being called candid photography, may be that's the reason I hate the word"candid". The groom pulling the bride's hair(the bride gives a fake expression) , groom lifting bride, the bridesmaids pulling the bride away from the groom (again everyone gives a fake expression) , I can go on and on..

" Candid Wedding Photography : Faking the best moments."

Ohh! I forgot the most frequently faked part of the Indian wedding photography, the bride's makeup! How on earth does it make any sense to capture a bride with her full makeover ,eyes closed and  a liner brush touching her eyebrows! 

A Wedding is one of the most important days of one's life.It's silly to waste the precious time in doing things just for a photograph.I think photographs that are the result of an authentic documentation are the ones that are embedded in the memories and stand the test of time. Hope I got my message across!

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