Richa & Ayush , Harnaam Palace, Delhi

A Beautiful Wedding at Harnaam Palace, Delhi

Ayush and Richa had a beautiful wedding at Harnaam Palace, Delhi. There story is quite interesting, both worked as proffesional animators and it all started when they were studying for their degrees in Pune. After being together for eight years, they finally decided to tie the knot and I was lucky enough to get to shoot this quirky couple on their wedding. The reason I said I was lucky because I almost missed this wedding! Yes, thanks to the Bangalore traffic, even after starting 3 hours before the scheduled departure I couldn't reach the station on time! I was 5 mins late but Rajdhani Express wasnt. I had to catch a flight the next morning as there were no trains that could have reached Delhi on time. Now coming back to the wedding, this is surely one of the best weddings I have been to. I am not talking from a photographer's perspective but as an individual who experienced this. The energy was on a different level altogether! Right from the Baarat to Vidai, I enjoyed every bit of it. Hope you enoy the visual experience as well ­čśë

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