The Apartment Wedding


This is undoubtedly one of my personal favorites. Manasi is an interior decorator and Shaurya is a techie. This was one of those intimate weddings where you don't have a thousand guests but just the family members and a priest.Why can't more Indian weddings be like this? It makes the job so much easier for the Wedding photographers. You don't have to roam from one location to the other chasing all the events one by one, all the action happens in a 2 BHK flat.Oh! did I mention that this was a "two states" wedding as well? Yeah, she's a Marathi and he is a Bengali.The day started off well with few rituals in the morning followed by pheras and a small house party in the evening.

I'll rest my case here and let the images do the talking now.Hope you enjoy them 🙂


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